Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New recipes for my diet

Due to candida I can't have any sugar or wheat and yeast for the next 2 months. It is hard to cook if you can hardly have any ingredients. That's why I try new recipes every week. On Monday I tried to bake with Natvia a natural sweetener instead of sugar. I made Coconut Muffins with coconut flour (for the first time). They are quite nice, still not the same taste as I'd usually bake but at least something sweet (which is the most important thing to me). I also tried to cook quinoa and I was surprised how yummy the dish was! Even Ben liked my quinoa with chicken and vegetables. I think I will still cook this when my diet is over!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

we love a roast dinner!

On Sunday lovely Alyce and Potter invited us for dinner. It was delicious and so good to meet up with them, talk for ours about good old times and the new exciting events that are coming up here in Sydney. So if you want me over just tell me you're gonna cook a roast and I'll be there!

PS: I made banana and chocolate chip muffins for dessert and couldn't have one. That was pretty hard.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Time in Sydney

Thursday was the only big christmas event they have here in Sydney, that's why I had to be there. The event was all about the big christmas tree at Martin Place, which is 21 metres high and adorned with 58,000 LED lights. At 8.30pm they started to light it for the christmas season.
It was weird to celebrate all this in 18 degree weather and I couldn't help it but think of being on a christmas market in Austria drinking mulled wine. I have to say though that they had a great show, mostly for kids including the smurfs, the Australian choir and much more. As we started to get a little bored Ben and I started to wander around a bit, walking through the area and watching another performance in Hyde Park. The weather was the only thing that was miserable that day. When it started pouring again, we decided to go home even though we knew we would be missing out on the actual tree lighting. It was so cold and windy that I couldn't bear standing in a crowd for another hour, it was still a really nice evening!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Busy Saturday

Saturday was literally a day where we haven't been home for more than an hour. We thought we'd give the new IKEA a try. It is supposed to be the biggest on the southern hemisphere with a 2.5km walk from the entry to the exit. Let me tell you, it was manic. It really is the biggest Ikea I have ever been to. They have more show rooms to look at and also the biggest restaurant I have ever seen. Of course you had to line up for about 20 minutes to get your food, it was so cheap though, so we decided to join the people in the line. After being at Ikea for 4 hours we still left without the planned purchases. Ikea always makes us think about everything twice. It might seem it is cheap, but honestly there are stores with the same prices and better quality. I was quite disappointed when we left.

After that we started some health food shopping for me, and I found some really interesting things that I can eat even though I have to be on a diet. I never tried Buckwheat pasta or millet puffs before. Sadly though all those good products cost me a fortune. Benny and I weren't even home for an hour when we went out for dinner again to the Cock n'Bull Irish Pub for dinner. I have to say that I have never been a big fan of a beef steak but since I can't eat anything that contains wheat and have to eat meat with veggies every day, I really enjoy a nice flavored steak. The one we got there was quite amazing. It was so much (delicious) food for such a good price. That wasn't even the end of our night, we went to see The Inbetweeners and ended up at another pub where Ben had to drinks (and I had my water). It was honestly not bad, I am really getting used to my diet and I feel better too. It's all going to be worth it!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

There is nothing to do..

Since it has been pouring the last days I honestly couldn't do anything that I had planned. No beach walks, no driving around the area, nothing. I am stuck at home (or in the shopping center) when I am not at school. Today I weighed myself and was surprised I am 1kg down since I had to start my candida diet. Gotta go to the gym so I'll gain some muscle as my diet is still going for another 11 weeks, eeek. I am still craving sweets after every meal I am eating...
 The last days I have:
* watched MTV to an unbelievable extent, which means I know everything about the new "16 and Pregnant"episodes
* made an amaranth bread. It didn't turn out and I had to throw it, I also threw my money ($13 for 500g flour) down the drain, which is very frustrating
* made pizza with spelt dough
* had some delicious mango, bless my boyfriend who showed me how to cut and eat a mango (I can't believe how I was eating that fruit for the last years)
* made another bread that DID turn out quite good: the good old spelt flour it is from now on
* been on the Internet non stop and pretended to be online shopping (just without buying anything)
* been watching WWE (yes, this is how bored I have been) and find the women not half as good as the men fighting
* made some pumpkin soup for the boyfriend
* done nothing.

According to the weather forecast I have to wait another 4 days until I'll see some sunlight. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hello sun, where are you?

I can't even see the ocean due to all that rain and fog.

I just got back from freezing 0 degree weather and expected the sun here, but of course when I get back the sun is gone. It has been raining the last two days and I find it quite frustrating! When I was in Austria I read about the 38 degree weather back in Bondi and now that I am here it is 19 degrees. Please weather, give me a break!!! It hasn't been warm for more than 4 days in a row since June! I knew it's gonna be hot while I am gone and back to cold when I am here. Sydney is not impressing me, honestly. Please let it be warm again, not having any chocolate or food I like (due to my candida and wheat intolerance diet) is a pain already. I know this sounds quite pessimistic but I can't help it, I want it to be hot! It was so boring today on my day off, I can't wait til my boyfriend comes back from work. He'll be able to cheer me up!

Monday, 21 November 2011

26 Hours

I am back in Bondi Beach after my 26 hour flight! Saying good bye really wasn't that easy and when it came to my mum and dad I couldn't hold back my tears. I wouldn't have felt so bad if it wasn't 11 months until I see them again. The whole journey was a little bit stressful except my actual time on the plane. I almost missed my flight in London, had to run like a maniac to get to my closing gate yelling "EXCUSE ME!" while passing old people taking up the whole aisle. Anyways, I made it (with a face red like a lobster) and the guy in front of me saying "well, you look like you had a run!" and me too out of breath to answer.

On the plane I set next to a guy that drank 5 bottles of wine in those 12 hours and then falling asleep and having the worst alcohol breath ever. I was quite happy when he changed the plane after my stop in Bangkok and surprise, I had a free seat between me and the new guy in my row. Not being able to sleep (maybe because the guy next to me switched on the lights and left them on for about 3 hours) made me watch about 5 movies and 2 tv shows.

I was glad when I finally arrived in Sydney to some amazing weather! It was such a big difference (33degrees celsius) and heat was not the only thing that made me sweat (again). I had to declare some things I brought from Austria, which wasn't the problem. Well, the problem was that I had a 30kg suitcase and no one helped me to lift it onto the declare-table. Don't ask me why my suitcase was 30kg. I am only allowed 22kg and I tried - and succeeded. The stewardess didn't even weigh it, so that was perfect for me, no unpacking and removing stuff or paying for extra weight. After the guy in Sydney joked with me about having Wiener Schnitzel and Germknoedel in my suitcase (he told me how much he loves Austria and how shocking it is that I am ditching a snowboard season) I fiiinally met my boyfriend. And it felt good -
because now we don't need to do this anymore:

Friday, 18 November 2011

And here I go...

Tonight I have to leave my home country again. For another 11 months. It is going to be really hard, I hate good byes! At least I can have a huge lunch with my whole family today and spend my last hours with them. I am really looking forward to that. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to Australia a few days ago, but today I am confident to say that I am looking forward to fly into summer. I am happy to see my friends and my boyfriend and I have a lot to look forward to:
* decorating the apartment for christmas
* getting our christmas tree
* celebrating the Saint Nicolas on the 6th of December like we do in Austria
* Austrian christmas celebration on the 24th
* Australian christmas celebration on the 25th
* Foxtel (Goodbye Australian Free TV, you suck)
* a new car
* a weekend at the Sheraton in Noosa with my best friend
* a nice big TV
* New Years with our friends on the beach with Snoop Dog, Pendulum and Calvin Harris
* either a camping holiday or a Melbourne trip
* 2 music festivals in Sydney: Big Day Out and Soundwave
* a new exciting semester at the University of New South Wales

So there it is...I am waiting for a pretty much amazing time in Down Under! And now I have to pack and prepare for my 26 hour flight (and a 33degree temperature difference). Not that I am looking forward to that....

Good Bye Austria!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Those little secrets you can find out there

Having some ice cold grapes from the fern was one of the best things I have done in Austria. You can still find some of the leftovers in the fields that the machine did not take down. They are extra sweet and ice cold as it is almost zero degrees here. I couldn't stop nibbling grapes while we were walking next to the fields.

Vienna Christmas Market

Yesterday I met up with my two friends Gaby and Regina and went to the Christmas Market at the town Hall in Vienna. I know it is quite early but I am glad they open at this time otherwise I would have missed out on a really nice evening! It was freezing cold for me, especially when I thought about the 38degree temperature in Sydney. The christmas markets just have this special flair that make me happy. I am usually not that interested in the stuff they sell there, but more the different kind of foods or mulled wine. Unfortunately I couldn't drink any this time due to my food intolerance but I still had a good hot cup of tea. I even ditched my diet and had chocolate covered strawberries (and had a big stomachache afterwards). That's something I always get on christmas markets, I already know my doctor will kill me tomorrow when she won't see any improvements, but I just had to. I know that some people don't understand this, but I actually like the cold. I love when I walk and I can see my own breath, when I can't even feel my toes and when I get inside and feel that tingling sensation in my fingers and toes. I love coming into a heated house and leaning against a radiator, lighting some candles and having a hot chocolate with my beloved ones. It is going to be interesting to celebrate christmas with 40 degrees celsius, I hope I won't miss my family too much!

the town hall, looking beautiful with all the lights

sugar and chocolate covered apples (unfortunately too much for my sugar intolerance)

us girls having some tea and mulled wine

a huge ginger bread house, it was amazing

this is my cup that I took home as a souvenir

chocolate covered fruit, yes please!!!

a hall stall for different kinds of pancakes and crepes

funny and lovely ginger bread hearts

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

And now I'm a Godmother

Sunday was my little niece's christening. Valentina was such a well behaved sweety and didn't cry once. She deserved all those little gifts afterwards. I tried to stick to my diet but it was really hard at the restaurant, especially with the dessert. I mean, look at those cakes! I ended up eating one. Oh well, I guess there is always another day to start your diet...

Monday, 14 November 2011

Friday night in Vienna

I guess Friday was my biggest night out in Austria by far. Coming home at 7 in the morning is not the usual way I go out on the weekends. I was super tired the day after but it was so worth it. Going to 3 different clubs, meeting nice people and dancing, was not what we expected but definitely a highlight. We started the night off with some nice champaign and chatting. A typical girls' night. Ordering food and more chatting after. Then we headed to the clubs. First the Palffy, then Platzhirsch. The time flew by and suddenly at 6AM we ended up in Goodman's and had some hearty breakfast. I've never had a full on breakfast right after going out, but it was such a great idea to get some energy (even though I almost fell asleep after) plus it doesn't make you feel so bad after drinking. Oh I almost forgot that someone stole my wallet. I found it on the floor without the money in it, thank god that bastard didn't take my cards! The last time I looked at my watch was 7.15AM when we fell into bed and slept for a good 4 hours. Not enough for me, but still it was so worth it. Regina's cute puppy Bella is adorable. She made me want one even more, thanks for that Regina! I can't wait to have a bigger apartment or house so we can have a cute little pug puppy.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Now I am baking my own bread instead of Cookies

Today I baked my own bread at my sister's place. It is really easy to make so I think from now on I will always bake my wheat and yeast free bread myself. I don't even know where I can get such bread in Sydney and it is probably super expensive, like everything in that city. This diet is not really making me happy, but at least the bread turned out to be really yummy! We also had a game night, again. My sister and I are kinda addicted to board games at the moment, we play for 2h every day. It reminds us of our childhood and it is funny to sit here and play the exact same games with my little niece on my lap now. She didn't have her best day, she cried a lot especially when I tried to carry her around. What a little moody princess she was! She is still adorable though, and I find it fascinating how she is changing every day. I think she grew in the last 7 days and right now she has so much fun trying to imitate tongue movements everyone shows her. So adorable!