Thursday, 27 December 2012

Moist Coconut Lemon Cake

This is a recipe I have to share with you. It is seriously one of the best cakes I have ever made. According to Ben it's THE best cake I ever baked. I found the recipe online but I altered it a little bit with a recipe from a cookbook of mine. Here is the link to the recipe. No wonder it was one of the best recipes of the week.
Picture from the ninemsn website

I added a lemon rind and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the batter and also added some lemon juice to the icing. Lemon and Coconut go really well together and a lot of people commented on the nice lemony taste of it.

If you like coconut this cake is a must!

Christmas Eve in Bondi

I hope you all had a great christmas! I had even though it was pouring all christmas day long. Good thing christmas eve "day" was perfectly sunny.  We had a nice breakfast, then I baked the best coconut cake ever (recipe to come) while Ben finished his last minute christmas shopping. I could never do that, I'd be too nervous that I don't get the gifts I wanted. Ben seems fine with it and does it every year while I usually finish my shopping a week before christmas eve. When Ben came back we went to the beach and relaxed in the sun before we had our own little celebration in our apartment. We had oven baked trout for dinner and exchanged our gifts after our little meal. It was lovely and I was spoilt by my man. He surprises me every year with his thoughtful gifts. I can't wait for especially one of his gifts - he booked a 4 day holiday for us. I need a little break and getaway right now. Christmas time has been hectic in the retail business and being a manager in that time is even more stressful. This is a perfect little holiday before my life will be changing in January. Below is our little christmas tree in Bondi (yes it's a real tree!)