Friday, 29 July 2011

Thursday Afternoon

It was so warm out yesterday that I went to the beach to enjoy the sun. I sat down in the sand for a while watching surfers in the waves and listened to music. It was beautiful, I just wish I had a dog that I could take with me to the beach every day.

On my way home I found this little store just 50m from my apartment. It had all those vintage teapots I am obsessed with. I couldn't resist and went inside and it actually took an hour until I left the store again. First of all I have to say that the shopkeeper was one of the nicest I have ever met. She showed me through the tiny store pointing out more and more of her adorable stuff. In the end I ended up buying one of the vintage style mugs and a skirt. She must have liked me because she gave me the skirt for half price! Since I already bought so much stuff that day I resisted in buying the scented candles, but I will definitely come back for those. I also got a vase and some flowers for my study desk. My idea is to get fresh flowers every week, hopefully I don't have to get them all myself :)

Cupcakes and Shopping

I am looking for the best cupcakes in Sydney. Today I got one at Westfield in Bondi Junction. It was a miniature cupcake (which cost me actually 2.20!!) with mango flavour. I have to say I was pretty disappointed. The icing didn't taste at all and the body was just plain vanilla. I was missing the one and most important thing - some mango flavour! Ghermez Cupcakes you gotta do more than that to convince me!

The good thing about today is, I got the internet sorted, so I only have to use that annoying dongle for another week and after that I have endless gigabyte, yay! Plus I got a huge Guess bag for my laptop, so all in all it was a pretty good shopping day!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Our new apartment!

Last week Ben and I got an apartment. It is so close to the beach, I still can't believe it. It is special for me since I have never grown up close to the beach. When we looked at the apartment I knew I need to have it. "I want it!" I said to the real estate agent.
Agent: "Yeah it is so nice, isn't it!"
Me: "Yeah, I really want it. Like really."
The agent writes something into her notebook.
I repeat myself "This is wonderful, I am absolutely in love with it. I want it so bad." (I face Ben but say it so loud that the agent HAS to hear it).
There were quite a few people looking at it, so I repeated my one phrase before we left. "I love it. I really want it" and hoped that she would remember me when she decided who gets the apartment.
48 hours later Ben called me to tell me the exciting news. I couldn't believe it!
When we signed the contract she said: "There were loads of applications for it, but I mentioned to my colleague that there was this young couple that really wanted it. I remembered you saying you love it (looking at me)" I look at her surprised: "Oh really? Did I say that out loud?"
On Sunday we finally moved in. It took us the whole day to get a couch and a desk. The fridge was unfortunately not good so we didn't take it. We were so exhausted in the evening!

So we are currently living without a fridge. After warm milk every morning I can't wait to get one this weekend! Another weekend of moving in. There is still so much stuff we need to get. I want to relax!!

Wednesday Love

My favorites for the last week

* Tim Tams
I just love any kind of Tim Tams they are perfect. I love the fact that Australians dip them into tea and let the filling melt. One of my favorites!

* My new zebra print blanket
It's just so comfy and funky. I'd buy it again immediately!

* Vanilla scented candle on my new vintage plate
Ben's mum gave me a lot of vintage plates and tea cups. I love them all, I will definitely use it in my new apartment

Vegemite and I

I know that all the Australians are crazy about their Vegemite. I never liked it. It's kind of a love hate relationship. I want to like it! Well I thought I'll give it a try again and put it on my toast when I was home alone. I sit in front of the TV, nervously looking at the piece of bread in my hand.
I take one bite.
No thank you.
I still don't like it.
5 days later Ben is making himself a Vegemite sandwich. I am watching him curiously.
Ben: "Do you want one?"
Me: "Is it good?"
Ben: "Delicious"
Me: "Hehe, okeyyyyyyy..."
I am watching him make the sandwich. Oh right, butter underneath.
Ben: "And just a HINT of vegemite on top" ah, only a hint, that's probably what I have done wrong so far. (no butter and loads of vegemite) I start laughing nervously while I am holding the bread. Ok so this is Vegemite take 384539784. Will I like it this time?
Oh yes. Not bad to be honest. Maybe it just takes time to get used to that taste!
Next day I try again. I like it! I finally like it! Oh thank god, i finally like it.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


So here I am in Australia. Well actually it’s been 5 weeks already... Wow what did I do all the time? So first I was stuck in the suburbs of Sydney, trying to spend time in THE shopping centre of Baulkham Hills, called Winston Hills Shopping Centre. It had numerous shops, which I all visited in less than half an hour. So basically it had 5 fashion stores for mature women and one for young people, other than a few banks and grocery stores. Yay!!
After I found myself getting absolutely bored with that one shop I constantly visited I tried my hand on baking.
Fail. I don’t think Australian ovens like me. My cakes burned. They don’t even use Fahrenheit here, so I have no idea why my cakes could have gone wrong. However, everyone I gave a piece ate it and answered with  “mmmm, that’s delicious!!” (Liars!)
But I won’t give up. One day I will be able to bake DELICIOUS cakes in Australia!!!

After about 3,5 weeks Ben and I got the opportunity to move into his boss’s sister’s apartment because she was on holidays. To top that we only paid half the rent! A day later Ben and I were lying on their couch in the living room, watching movies. Oh yes, what a life. But wait, you don’t know where the apartment is. It’s actually in one of Sydney’s richest areas, called Vaucluse – right on the cliffs. Here is the view: 

I even saw two whales one morning. I tried to catch them with my telescope, but I was too late. It was still an unforgettable moment!