Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Flight

Today I have my flight to Austria, I am more concerned than excited though, as all Quantas flights are cancelled so far and I am flying with British Airways-Quantas collaboration. I have packed my suitcase and I am ready to go, I just hope I will make it to Austria and can be with my family in about 30 hours. I would be devastated if I got stuck at the airport, wasting my time waiting for another flight. I only have 2 weeks for my family and won't see them again for another 11 months. I want all the time I can have to be them for the next weeks. Wish me luck!

Here is a video I have found on my friend's wall. It is amazing and it must have taken so long to prepare. Happy Halloween everyone! I hope I can write my next post from the other side of the world!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday Love

It's time for some Wednesday Love!!!

Chocolate Cheese (yeah, it's actual CHOCOLATE!!)

Found my favorite christmas chocolate at Aldi, the same I would have in Austria, could my day be any better?!

Ben's home made Banana Milkshake on a hot afternoon (best before our beachwalks)

My Instax Camera, just so much fun!

I'm quite obsessed with Ginger Beer at the moment!

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain, my favorite red lipstick at the moment (and it lasts forever)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


          • it was more than 30 degrees celsius
          • we had a big family bbq
          • we realised we have never had Indonesian food before
          • we loved it
          • I was holding my tummy after because I was so full and it looked like I'm expecting 
          • I thought "this is what I look like when I'm in my 4th month of pregnancy"
          • I couldn't resist and had more cheesecake bites
          • after that I had another caramel slice (I mean look at it, they were delish!)
          • I had to say goodbye to Ben's brother and his girlfriend
          • I am quite sad they are leaving us
          • we had our first home grown strawberry
          • I was quite proud and thought that the next big step will be a puppy
          • I had to remind myself that we are not allowed to have pets in our apartment

Monday, 24 October 2011

Saturday was great because:

        • my best friend from London moved down to Sydney
        • that means I have another person to hang out with
        • she and her mister came visit us
        • we had the best lunch due to our awesome new bbq
        • Ben is quite a good cook +jealous+
        • I was chatting with Alyce forever and it felt so good
        • we went to an amazing birthday party
        • I haven't danced that much in a long time
        • I could go out without thinking about uni and assignments
        • this was only the start of a promising summer
I know...bad quality images, my camera is broken...

Me as a Brunette

I found this picture of different do I look?! I am a natural blond but I had dyed my hair dark for a year...I actually missed my dark hair last night...what do you think, brunette or blond?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Drink with a View

I couldn't have been happier when Benny invited me for an "after work drink" on Friday. It was the first really hot day (we had 30 degrees) and it was still nice and warm at 6.30pm. I was sitting in a hot office all day thinking of a cool cider in my hands. In my lunch break I walked through Surry Hills and had lunch on a park bench watching people pass by. The weather is so nice, I can't even explain how happy I am that it is finally warm here! But back to the drinks with Ben! So we went to Icebergs just down the road. It felt so good and the view there is amazing, (which I told you already here). I am so glad that we live so close to this beautiful beach, I can't wait until it's warm enough to run down for a quick swim after work!

My first Cinnamon Rolls

After my last presentation on Thursday I decided to dedicate my afternoon to baking. I had cinnamon rolls on my mind for the last two weeks but kind of avoided making them as I didn't have much time and the recipe seemed more complicated compared to what I had baked before. It took me about 4 hours to make them but all the effort was worth it. I received a lot of praise from Ben's workmates and my friends. Let me know if you want the recipe!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

This is where we live!

Ben and I live in a really small apartment block with only 9 apartments. So you’d think you get to know the other tenants quite fast but no, I have to say I only know 4 neighbours! But sometimes you can hear them and it’s kinda like you get to know them too.

There is this couple with a little dog in number 2. They look quite uncomfortable when I meet them in the hallway, because there are no dogs allowed in this house. I asked the guy once if they keep the dog here and the first thing he answered was: “yeah but you know she is really quiet and never barks!” So I had to tell him that I actually wasn’t complaining but just curious!

Then there is number 7 with two Americans living there. The guys are really, really nice and strong too (they helped us carry up our furniture). In number 4 there’s a woman, she’s quite introverted for her age (I reckon she is about 35) and if I wouldn’t say hi to her first then she wouldn’t say anything at all. I wonder if she is living by herself! I once heard her arguing with a salesman on the door and I ran to the door to watch that entertaining scene from the peephole . You have to understand that I was really bored that day.

Two girls are living in number 5. They love to party, and I really mean love! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they put on newest club music and have people over. Once they decided to have a party at 5AM, waking us up with the sounds of clinking glasses and the beat of Pitbull vs. Whoever. Sometimes they just listen to the same song for hours, like 2 weeks ago on Sunday we heard Gotye’s Somebody I Used To Know from 10 AM until 3PM non stop– no joke! I wonder what kind of speakers they have because they make our fridge shudder. Benny can get quite angry when they turn up their techno/club- music and he tries to annoy them with some songs by Bring Me The Horizon. It doesn’t help. The next day we wake up to Gotye again.

A really nice guy lives in number 3, but I have only seen him twice, but he always greets us. Finally, there’s the Vespa. Yeah, I know that’s not a person, but I have never seen him or her in person. I just know the Vespa because it is always parked in our parking spot!! Benny doesn’t mind he says as long as our car fits in there too it doesn’t bother him. It really annoys me though because we pay for it and I was thinking of putting a sticky note on his bike saying that he could pay us at least with 2 muffins every week. I haven’t done that so far, I feel very tempted though!

PS: Yeah, that's the ocean in the background!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Uni is (almost) Over!!!

Today I had my last presentation and there is only two more things to hand in, which I don't really count as schoolwork. So that means that from tomorrow on I will focus on shopping for my cute little niece. I might even spend all my extra money on her, who knows?! I should also start counting the days until my flight! It's only 11 days away! I was so busy with school the last two weeks that I kind of forgot about I have time to mentally prepare myself. I can't wait to hang out with my friends and chat for hours. Stay with my family, bake with my mum, hang out with my sister and go shopping in Vienna. Not to forget my lovely dog Nico!!! I had a drawback today and I am very disappointed in some people that I thought are my friends, however, I am comforting myself with thinking of the best weeks coming up for me. I sometimes forget how hard it is to make new friends and that I shouldn't be so credulous and believe that everyone likes me just because I like them or because they are nice to me. Anyways, now I'm focusing on the good times that lie ahead!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Our Weekend!

Guess what! We finally have a dining table! That's just been the most satisfying thing for me the last two days. Usually we go to Ikea as a couple that's excited to get some new furniture and we leave as two people that are totally annoyed with each other and won't speak for the 40min drive back home. This time though....we also LEFT as a couple with a dining table in our trunk. Ah-Mazing! We got what we wanted plus some decoration for our little apartment. It might have worked out better because I didn't want to buy every second item at the store and just focused on what we really needed. Or maybe because he actually got something that he thought was awesome and didn't choose according to the price tag. Anyways, it was quite a good weekend as we even got a BBQ for our balcony! Bring on those hot summer nights with grilled meats and vegetables, listening to music and hanging out with friends! So now we are totally ready (we even stocked up our fridge with sausages and meat) -  now it's just the heat that's missing!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I haven't been to a Birthday Party in ages!

That's why it was time to celebrate Lou's birthday yesterday at Cafe Lounge! It was a really nice night, meeting up with my group members from my event class. I have found some good friends here and it's fun to meet them in a non-school related ambiance. What I can say is that it can get quite messy if you party with a Russian, English, French, Chinese, Philippine and Austrian. I wish I could have stayed for a little longer for some dancing, I guess I am getting old, or very simple: I just can't walk in high heels for more than 4 hours. Let's have a night out soon again, girls! Here are some images of the night.

Rewarding ourselves

After the play last Sunday we thought we should go have dinner somewhere nice as a reward for all our hard work. Sydney knew an Italian restaurant in Surry Hills that sounded very promising, and honestly who doesn't like Italian food? Pizza E Birra sounded perfect! It was really nice to have dinner with two of our friends, especially because Sydney and Dominic love good food just as we do. After pasta with creamy sauce and duck and a calzone pizza I could hardly move (but the reason for that may have been those two massive brownies I had before dinner). After being up since 6AM that day I was more than ready to fall into my bed. It was a good Sunday with great people and it felt good to do something for a good cause. And now bring on the holidays!

Thursday, 13 October 2011


I am looking at all the fashion pieces for autumn and I kinda wish I could wear it here too, but I reckon summer here will be just as good! Let's hope it's getting warmer soon in Sydney, because right now it's not really what you would expect for mid-October! Anyways, here I have an outfit for the red skirt, I hope you like it!

                                                   1. Juicy Couture Bow Blouse
                                                   2. AWear Suedette Blazer
                                                   3. Topshop Burgundy Padded Seventies Snake Print Belt
                                                   4. ASOS Mini Skirt in Cord
                                                   5. Forever 21 Cozy Ribbed Tights
                                                   6. Topshop Planet Flared Heel Platform Moccasins

Our Event on Sunday, now the stress is over!

On Sunday we finally had the charity event that we had been organising since July. I wrote about the event here! It was a kids' play in Balmain with workshops afterwards. Our group worked together very well, I was impressed that we were on time with the program and everything worked out. It is good to be over though! Here are some images!

The Play was amazing!

Here is one of the workshop tables, this one was mine - painting fish!

Here you can see the kids while they make origami figures and Oksana making them fairy wings out of balloons. (The kids went nuts with their wings, running around like crazy)

They also got some face paint and that's me, on the right, painting with the cutest girl ever!

This is our group that made it all happen! I am proud of everyone!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hungarian Dinner = NOT Austrian Dinner...but close!

This weekend it was time for us to find out if the Hungarian Restaurant Cosmo up the street is worth going to. It's a cute little restaurant and the menu looked quite inviting, just so different from all the other restaurants in this area!
First thing the waiter asks Ben: "Do you want to get some Langos as a starter?" and Ben just gives me this really puzzled look. So how do you explain Langos in a really nice way? "It is deep fried doughy stuff coated in garlic?" After that explanation Benny didn't seem too convinced but I ordered anyways. So Ben had his first Langos ever!!! And he enjoyed. As a main we both had very hearty food: pork and veal with different sauces. It was good and very similar to Austrian food, and very different to traditional Australian food. I was so full after not even half of my plate! The portions were massive, but it was delicious! We both enjoyed and will come back again!
Now you're thinking what do these flowers have to do with the dinner?! Ben surprised me with that bunch on Friday. Gerber Daisies are my favourite flowers.