Monday, 28 January 2013

Pretty Beach

This was indeed a very pretty beach. Ben and I visited that beach twice when we were in South NSW during our christmas holidays. I miss being at a quiet beach without thousands of other people around you. The only thing that scared me was not having lifeguards around looking after in case you get stuck in a rip or a shark is close. When Ben told me a 1metre big sting ray was right underneath him when he snorkeled I kind of got a bit nervous. Apart from that though I absolutely loved it there. In the late afternoon there were lots of kangaroos around just watching us swim in the ocean. And I found some of my most amazing shells on that beach too. I'd go back there right now to escape the miserable weather we are experiencing here in Sydney. 

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Nee said...

The thing I miss most about being home in Australia is the beach and the sun x