Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Almost one Week

On the 6th of June I went onto the plane and in the early morning of the 7th I arrived in Vienna! It was a 26h flight and I was glad it was over when my sister, her husband and little daughter picked me up from the airport! I was lucky, the day I arrived was a public holiday so when I got home we had a big feast and chatted for hours. The weather was the biggest difference from Australia - it was about 30 degrees and boiling hot. In the afternoon we went for a walk with my little niece and I got sunburnt - not only a little bit - my back felt like it was on fire!

Since that day I was meeting up with lots of my friends, went for walks every day and enjoyed just being at home! One week is over tomorrow and I have two more here in my home-country. I will make the best out of it and try to meet up with as much people as possible! Here are two landscape pics from my stay so far!

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Sarah said...

It's nice that you were greeted with family and a huge feast! I can't believe how hot it as in Vienna, even in England it's only about 13 degrees! xx