Thursday, 5 July 2012

3 weeks gone like the wind

I can't believe that those 3 weeks were over so fast. I have been home in Austria and I enjoyed every minute of it. There were no blog posts as every moment I lived there felt so natural and not made for the blog. I spent lots of time with my little niece and my sister, in fact almost every day. I tried to fit in as many friends as possible into my timetable and was out and about as much as possible. I also needed a day off - from people or visits and things to do, so I went to Vienna by myself and went window shopping. That day off felt amazing, it was a warm summer's day and the best was the feeling of not being rushed or thinking what do I have to do in an hour.

I also had to say goodbye to something very important to me: my iphone. Someone stole it out of my bag including my wallet. And that happened on my third day in Vienna. Why has nothing like that ever happened to me in Sydney? Last time I was home in November they stole money out of my purse too and I have to say I am one of the most careful people when it comes to watching my bag. (Living in the dodgy parts of London taught me so). After getting told that I have to "watch my stuff better and how can this even happen?!" by the man ordering my new driver's license ("Yes Sir, you know I lost my iphone on purpose because I love paying a ridiculous amount of money for a new one because - as a student - I have loads of it at the moment. Seriously, give me a break.") Well that was just in my head, in fact I said with an understanding face: "I know, I need to be more careful."

Other than that I had a great time back home and so you get an idea too, I'll post some iphone pics (the few I have left after my phone got stolen) in my next post with some details about my trip. To start with, here you can see the beautiful town I grew up in.

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