Thursday, 16 February 2012

Chatting instead of dancing

We had it all planned: first drinks and a BBQ at our friends' place and then heading on to a club or bar. But then, when we had already been drinking for a while at their place it all felt so comfortable and nice chatting away that we decided to stay in. I haven't been out for a while but I didn't mind at all. Am I getting old? There was no way I would have wanted to stay at their place 2 years ago! Thinking of the cabs and lines and the money spent in the city just made us want to hang out in the living room with a nice bottle of wine and cards with questions about life experiences. I can tell you it was quite interesting to hear some of the answers!
When we ran out of drinks we decided to stop by the bottle shop and ended up in a pub just around the corner. So we stayed there for 2 drinks and headed home at 2AM. Even though I wasn't dancing all night, I still felt very exhausted the morning after!


Monica's Notebook said...

Okay, those nights are the BEST! Just being around your favorite people laughing your butts off :] btw yall looks SOOO cute! Love the outfits :]

CottonCandyINK said...

looks like a blast

Courtney said...

those are some of my favorite nights! you girls look beautiful!

brittany said...

i love nights like that! i had one of those in college with my roommate. we were all dressed and ready to go out, but ended up just sitting on my bed talking all night. and that was in college, so it totally doesn't make you old!