Monday, 27 February 2012

This isn't fun...

I am sick. Well my eye is. And it is sooo annoying! I woke up to a really red eye on Saturday morning, went to hospital and was there til 9 pm (!) only to get told they weren't sure what it is. And that's at an eye hospital.
Yesterday we were at Soundwave festival (I had to go with my glasses and felt a bit ashamed at times, when I had to take them off to do some head banging and then put them on after as if it was the most normal thing people do).
This morning - no improvement after taking about 8 anti-inflammatory pills a day including eye drops. Went to an eye specialist and she found out that I might have something with my thyroid. That's not really fun, my eye isn't better yet but I had a blood test, and will have a CT Scan in the next days. Not mentioning that I spent $450 in about 2h. Being sick in Australia isn't fun at all, especially when you have been saving up to buy some new clothes and have to spend it on doctors instead. I think I deserve some really nice messages now!
Hope you guys had a better weekend!

PS: this is what my eye feels like.