Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Last Saturday Ben and I decided to walk a dog from the dog shelter. At first Ben wasn't too convinced but I practically made him come with me. When we got there the woman said: "Those two look quite calm, let's give them Douglas!" I immediately panicked inside because I thought we might get a dog that's aggressive or wild! But it was good, they handed us Doug, a cute little dog that just looked very shy. "So what's the story with Doug?" I asked one of the women. "Oh he is just a bit shy that's all, so we don't want excited, loud kids to walk him" I was relieved, nothing bad about that!
So we took Doug to a close park where we sat down with him and gave him some cuddles. He enjoyed it, and it felt good to just pet a dog even if only for a few hours. Doug was a bit scared in the beginning, turning around to the other dogs for about 5 minutes but after that he was fine. Even Ben liked Doug and got really proud when Douggie came up to him for some cuddles. "Look, he likes me better than you," he said, I just laughed, happy not to hear something like "ewww look at the hair he is losing" or "he smells like dog..." Who knows maybe I can convince Ben to get a dog soon? At the park kids came over to play with Doug and we had a chat with two local girls about their own dog Bailey. I was a bit sad when we took Douglas back, I liked that little fella. It's good that dog shelters offer services like that, I am always happy to cuddle their dogs, it's benefits for both parties, me and the dog. In a few weeks Ben and I will come back, definitely!


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Girlie Blogger said...

awww. cute puppy.

Lisa said...

sooo cute

brittany said...

aww i used to go walk pups at the humane shelter in college and i would cry every time. i just want to rescue all of them!