Tuesday, 26 July 2011


So here I am in Australia. Well actually it’s been 5 weeks already... Wow what did I do all the time? So first I was stuck in the suburbs of Sydney, trying to spend time in THE shopping centre of Baulkham Hills, called Winston Hills Shopping Centre. It had numerous shops, which I all visited in less than half an hour. So basically it had 5 fashion stores for mature women and one for young people, other than a few banks and grocery stores. Yay!!
After I found myself getting absolutely bored with that one shop I constantly visited I tried my hand on baking.
Fail. I don’t think Australian ovens like me. My cakes burned. They don’t even use Fahrenheit here, so I have no idea why my cakes could have gone wrong. However, everyone I gave a piece ate it and answered with  “mmmm, that’s delicious!!” (Liars!)
But I won’t give up. One day I will be able to bake DELICIOUS cakes in Australia!!!

After about 3,5 weeks Ben and I got the opportunity to move into his boss’s sister’s apartment because she was on holidays. To top that we only paid half the rent! A day later Ben and I were lying on their couch in the living room, watching movies. Oh yes, what a life. But wait, you don’t know where the apartment is. It’s actually in one of Sydney’s richest areas, called Vaucluse – right on the cliffs. Here is the view: 

I even saw two whales one morning. I tried to catch them with my telescope, but I was too late. It was still an unforgettable moment!

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