Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Our new apartment!

Last week Ben and I got an apartment. It is so close to the beach, I still can't believe it. It is special for me since I have never grown up close to the beach. When we looked at the apartment I knew I need to have it. "I want it!" I said to the real estate agent.
Agent: "Yeah it is so nice, isn't it!"
Me: "Yeah, I really want it. Like really."
The agent writes something into her notebook.
I repeat myself "This is wonderful, I am absolutely in love with it. I want it so bad." (I face Ben but say it so loud that the agent HAS to hear it).
There were quite a few people looking at it, so I repeated my one phrase before we left. "I love it. I really want it" and hoped that she would remember me when she decided who gets the apartment.
48 hours later Ben called me to tell me the exciting news. I couldn't believe it!
When we signed the contract she said: "There were loads of applications for it, but I mentioned to my colleague that there was this young couple that really wanted it. I remembered you saying you love it (looking at me)" I look at her surprised: "Oh really? Did I say that out loud?"
On Sunday we finally moved in. It took us the whole day to get a couch and a desk. The fridge was unfortunately not good so we didn't take it. We were so exhausted in the evening!

So we are currently living without a fridge. After warm milk every morning I can't wait to get one this weekend! Another weekend of moving in. There is still so much stuff we need to get. I want to relax!!

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