Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vegemite and I

I know that all the Australians are crazy about their Vegemite. I never liked it. It's kind of a love hate relationship. I want to like it! Well I thought I'll give it a try again and put it on my toast when I was home alone. I sit in front of the TV, nervously looking at the piece of bread in my hand.
I take one bite.
No thank you.
I still don't like it.
5 days later Ben is making himself a Vegemite sandwich. I am watching him curiously.
Ben: "Do you want one?"
Me: "Is it good?"
Ben: "Delicious"
Me: "Hehe, okeyyyyyyy..."
I am watching him make the sandwich. Oh right, butter underneath.
Ben: "And just a HINT of vegemite on top" ah, only a hint, that's probably what I have done wrong so far. (no butter and loads of vegemite) I start laughing nervously while I am holding the bread. Ok so this is Vegemite take 384539784. Will I like it this time?
Oh yes. Not bad to be honest. Maybe it just takes time to get used to that taste!
Next day I try again. I like it! I finally like it! Oh thank god, i finally like it.

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