Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Craving everything

As much as I want to continue this diet, right now I am having the hardest time ever. Everywhere I walk I see chocolate covered doughnuts, delicious slices of cheesecake and Max Brenner Chocolate Cafes. I reckon I just never realised it before as I saw it as normal and was having chocolate every day. But now to make matters worse, I am mostly craving a good slice of bread. I am sick of not being able to have wheat or yeast. I want pizza and garlic bread, a nice filled baguette or a burger. Honestly, if I could have a bowl of chips right now, I'd be the happiest person alive. On the weekend a pharmacist told me that I should cut out dairy products of all kinds and in addition get rid of the spelt flour. That means no no more bread for me. Ben is such a perfect boyfriend supporting me as much as he can. He has hidden all our chocolate and when he has some he even gets up and eats it in the other room. I never asked for that but he doesn't want to make me upset or make me crave it even more. I can't even express how grateful I am to have such an amazing boyfriend. Anyhow, coming back to my diet, I experienced the last two days that my body is not satisfied with the food I am giving it. Even though I find it all delicious, after half the portion I am getting really disgusted and can't eat anymore. My friend warned me that I will have a huge down phase during this diet, after about 3 weeks, which is actually right now. I have to be strong though, one more month and I can start adding normal food back into my life. Please let me survive until then.

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The Cyclist's Wife said...

I don't know...that salad is looking good! Hang in there!