Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh look, Saint Nikolaus was here!

I was quite happy to find some treats in my shoes this morning! Nuts for me and chocolate for my boyfriend! I love Saint Nikolaus Day!

(In Austria we celebrate Saint Nikolaus Day on the 6th of December. Kids clean their shoes and leave them on the window sill. When they were good kids Saint Nikolaus will fill them up overnight. In case they were bad kids he will fill it up with coal. Saint Nikolaus is probably a form of the American Santa.)


Miss Ewig said...

I hope He leaves U a lot of nice things... ;)

Thanks for passing by my blog!

Xxx ;D

head and heels said...

haha, how cute! :D i just have so small shoes (size 3) - there's not that much place for gifts...

xx, mika