Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Horse Races

I know I know...I have been very lazy with my blog posts last week! The thing is, I am really not lazy but I have the busiest week of my semester right now! Lots of assignments are due this week each worth 40% of my whole grade! I am sure you understand that I would rather write blog posts than write essays for 8 hours a day!
I do have a lot of posts that I want to write, so as soon as this week is over, you will get a lot to read on here!

Now to last week! I haven't been to a horse race in Sydney and since there were big race events on, our friends and I decided to go to one. Thanks to Ben's missing skill called organisation we didn't get tickets for the general admissions (but everyone else did!) He felt pretty bad that we couldn't join our friends because of him and so we still decided to go but into another section which wasn't all that fancy BUT included a picnic basket. That sounded good enough to me and I am glad we decided to go! The picnic was massive and it was nice to sit in the sun with a glass of champaign, watching the races with a strawberry in my hand.  We also bet some money on two horses and we lost. I always get so excited and then get even more upset when I don't win. What a waste of $10! I have always had bad luck when it comes to winning money. After the races were over we met up with our friends and had a great night out. It was fun to dress up and wear a fascinator, it made me feel kind of special and I loved Ben in a suit! I don't know what it is, bug guys just look so handsome in suits!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


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