Friday, 27 April 2012

This is why I love...


Isn't it beautiful?!


Lisa said...

it is very very much! one day...

Olivia said...

I'd love to visit Sydney one day it looks beautiful! You looked gorgeous in your last post and it sounds like you had fun at the horse races.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for following, you have a new follower now too! :) x

Mary said...

Hi lovely,
I totally love this picture!Fab!
I just found your's so cute!!
Would you like to follow each other?
I'm starting and I'm following now on Google Friends Connect:)
I hope you like my blog too!
Have a great day:)
Fashion tea at 5

Michelle Jiafang said...

chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

isa said...

great picture!

Katrin said...

Wow, I love this picture! I hope I can travel to Australia someday!
Your blog is lovely, Kristina!