Sunday, 15 April 2012

Reptile Park on Easter Sunday

During the Easter Weekend, Ben and I had actually planned to go down to the Hunter Valley, NSW's wine area. I was really excited as I am also from Austria's wine area but we got told not to go during Easter as it is really crowded and the traffic is the worst. I still didn't want to stay home the whole weekend so on Easter Sunday Ben and I went to the Reptile Park on Central Coast.
I asked him to go there with me because a friend said that you can touch and pet all sort of animals there. I think you know how much I miss having a pet here, so I thought this was quite a good alternative to the Hunter Valley. It was a really nice afternoon, we watched some shows like the alligator feeding and a talk about the Tasmanian Devil, and fed some kangaroos and emus after. I don't think Ben, being an Australian, has had much opportunity to do this before. All the kangaroos were really tame, and I felt excited like a little kid, trying to spend as much time there as possible. The best thing was when Ben fed the emu and was so scared, I took the funniest pictures of him! I think he really enjoyed this day too! It was a great Easter Sunday for me!


Sparks In Spring said...

I've heard great things about Hunter Valley, like renting a holiday house because they have great vineyards. Luckily living in Melbourne means its sensible to actually do that soon! Beautiful pictures.

CottonCandyINK said...

such cute pictures