Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Birthday Weekend in Manly

Last week we celebrated the birthdays of two our closest friends here in Sydney. To do something different, we - or let's say the birthday girl decided to have a party in Manly. This is quite far away so we booked an apartment to stay overnight. I wasn't the luckiest with my hip problems and eye infection, but still came out to party for a while. Thank god I've got a boyfriend who walks me home early even though the others decide to party on. We went to a bar that served mainly cider, which would have been great for me if I wasn't on strong painkillers. I still had one (don't tell my mum).

Alyce and Potter had so many people attending their birthday party it was amazing to see how many friends they made in the short time they've been living in Sydney. We all chatted so much and got to know new interesting people. Only the weather was a bit miserable, but I guess after this horrible summer (can we even call it a summer?) we are all used to this anyways.
The next morning we went for breakfast to a nice grill across the beach. Funny that 5 of us ended up getting the same dish - eggs benedikt. It felt good to do something different and go out in a new area of Sydney especially with our close friends from London. I wish we could do that more often!

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