Friday, 9 March 2012

Rain, go away!

Yesterday was a day where I woke up and decided to stay in bed. It was pouring down and the rain was so loud, it gave me goosebumps. It had been pouring all night and there were floods all over Sydney. It took Ben over an hour to get to work as opposed to the usual 20 minutes. When I did some research for my school project my Internet suddenly turned off. I was thinking it broke when I realised that the electricity was down. Do you ever think about how important electricity is in our lives? You can't cook, watch TV, charge your phone, listen to the radio, nothing. I thought I'll look up if they announced anything on the Internet in case the floods were responsible for that breakdown but I couldn't even do that. When I went shopping instead I saw that all the shops on my street were closed. Thank god when I came back after 2 hours I was able to continue my research. Not for long though, because 3 hours later it was down again. So I decided to go for a walk, to do something good for my injured hip and get some fresh air. Down in Tamarama Beach I saw the craziest waves. I sat down on the cliffs and watched 3 crazy surfers that didn't show any fear in 5m waves. There was no way I would be in the water right now! I took some really nice pictures there:


Monica's Notebook said...

gorgeous pictures!! It really as amazing how we take electricity for granted lol Glad you went out and made the most of it though! :]

CottonCandyINK said...

wow amazing photos

The Sunshine District said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm with you though.. I would not be in those waves! I hope the weather clears and you get your electricity back for good! :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! x

Tone-Lise said...

The pictures are amazing:)
Thanks for following my blog, it means so much to me! I'm following your blog too now=)

Nee said...

Fantastic pictures. There no place like Australia, I miss the beach like crazy! My laptop died and I realized how cranky I am without it haha defiantly take electricity for granted. x