Thursday, 22 March 2012

Free tickets to Sneaky Sound System? Why not!

Our friend asked us if we wanted to go see Sneaky Sound System last week. I haven't listened to their music in ages, but I have heard about their concert since it was on my uni's campus. First Ben said "I think I'm a bit old for them" but then after considering we get to see them for free, we thought "Why not?!" It was weird to be on campus this late and I was surprised how many students were out drinking on a Thursday. I do not feel part of that group anymore. I don't know if it's the fact that I am doing a postgraduate and am not 20 anymore, or if it's because I am not living close to campus. We were a bit annoyed that Sneaky Sound System only started at 9.30pm. It was far to late for the main act considering it was during a weekday. My friend pointed out that she was not really singing and when you watched closely you could tell that she was only moving her lips to the music. I guess it is fine for dance music as people are actually dancing at the concert instead of listening to a band, where the performance is everything. Still, I was a little disappointed.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my brother in law's sister. They are only here for 3 days and I am so happy to get to meet them on their business trip! I hope it will be nice and warm so I can show them around and take them to the beach!

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