Monday, 28 May 2012

The Anchor

On Friday Ben and I went to a restaurant called The Anchor in Bondi. We always wanted to go there and previously watched the people in there while walking past. It just has this Bondi - vibe in that tiny little restaurant. People seem to be really relaxed and young,  they wear amazing "cool" clothes and are just enjoying themselves while talking to each other. Until now Ben and I always said "we aren't cool enough to go there yet" But the time has come and last Friday our dinner there was amazing. Their specialities, mostly fish, were so outstanding and foreign that we needed the waitress to explain the dishes to us. In the end I decided to get mulloway, a fish I had never had before with sweet potato chips (I never had these kind of chips before - they are better than "normal" chips!) It was the best thing I ever had! I know I always say that, but honestly I couldn't believe how good it was! After reading some of my blog entries from Sydney I have to say that this city has a huge number of amazing restaurants! The Anchor is one of them! We finished off our dinner with a nice cocktail until we went to another bar to meet up with our friends, I have to say the dinner was the highlight of the night though!


Monica's Notebook said...

Haha love the fact that y'all waited until you were "cool enough"! Too cute lol! Mmmm those sweet potato fried look yummyyyyy :]

Lisa said...

Danke schön :*

Du hast auch eine Leserin mehr - dein Blog gefällt mir sehr, vorallem dein Header ist sehr gut gelungen (:

Mayjo said...


Ich mag deinen Blog auch sehr und habe mich als Leserin eingetragen :)

littlebeautyjunkie said...

Hey danke für deinen netten Kommi!
Aber bei euch ist es bestimmt auch im Winter noch warm, oder?
Ich verfolge dich jetzt auch ;-) Lg

Laura-Jayn said...

So exciting to read about stuff in Australia :) So different to London xxx