Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Poor me!

The weather is cooling down, too quickly for my taste and I can feel my body having trouble to adjust to the colder weather. I have had a cold for the last four weeks and on Thursday I got really sick. I was feeling terrible all day, with cough and a cold, my nose constantly running. I had to go to my Squash class which didn't do me any good. I lay in bed all weekend. I am still very tired and need to rest but the worst part is over. I try to eat lots of vitamins and fruit to get back my strength!
It wasn't too bad to be sick this weekend as Ben was home all weekend too. He had to study, so while he was reading all day I was lying in the couch. It felt good to have someone make you tea and care about you, just like your mum did when you were little. Another good thing was that I couldn't spend any money all weekend! However, I got really bored after two days of lying around. It was the best when Ben woke me up on Sunday morning telling me that we'll go out for breakfast. I had a fresh fruitjuice and amazing scrambled eggs with salmon. That breakfast was the best start into the day - another day on the couch. Even though I can't wait to be good again, being sick does have some advantages. Putting on the sad, poor face definitely got me out of cleaning the dishes, doing some housework etc.

I also booked my flight home last week. I can't wait to be back in Austria for some time! This time I want to use my time to be just with my family and friends. I haven't planned any parties or holidays while I am home. I am counting the days, even though I am really in love with Sydney right now. It really is my new home now, however I miss my family and friends and I am ready for some time with them. I hope you had a great weekend!

PS: Look at this weird kiwi fruit I had last week. 

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patricia said...

we are ready too ;)