Friday, 25 May 2012

It's been a great 6 years...

You, my dear Ugg Boots, I think after 6 years, it is time to go...

There is no detailed pictured of my diseased boots - it is just too heartbreaking.

Today I found you after your wintersleep with huge ugly moldy patches all over you. It breaks my heart but I have to say goodbye.
I remember when I was first in Australia and my Canadian flatmates introduced me to your brand. I was "Uggs? Sheepskin boots? No way!", a week later I was one of those people, wearing you everywhere I went. To uni, to the shops and at home, our cosy Villa 12. I wouldn't have survived the winters without you! I remember when I took you back to Austria and no one knew about you and thought that you looked quite weird. "Too big, and that colour!" people said.  Then, two years later Ugg-Mania also hit Europe. I remember walking past the Ugg-Shop (Yes, a whole shop dedicated to you!) watching people waiting a 10 metre line just to attend the shop. I remember seeing Designer Uggs sold for 250pounds (!) and people desperately trying to fit children's sizes to avoid those ridiculous prices.
I remember seeing boots in the shopping centre in Australia and thinking how the price for Ugg boots has changed in 6 years, gladly looking down onto my own, reliable pair.

And now the era ends...I have to say goodbye. I haven't worn a pair of shoes as much as you- I will miss you!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Awww. So sad to cut them loose :O( Sorry you had to say good-bye.
Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Aww :( I never liked the boots just because it snows so much here in Canada. They use chemical salts to melt the ice around here and once your boots are exposed to it, its completely ruined! thanks for sharing ! maybe we can follow each other ?