Monday, 21 November 2011

26 Hours

I am back in Bondi Beach after my 26 hour flight! Saying good bye really wasn't that easy and when it came to my mum and dad I couldn't hold back my tears. I wouldn't have felt so bad if it wasn't 11 months until I see them again. The whole journey was a little bit stressful except my actual time on the plane. I almost missed my flight in London, had to run like a maniac to get to my closing gate yelling "EXCUSE ME!" while passing old people taking up the whole aisle. Anyways, I made it (with a face red like a lobster) and the guy in front of me saying "well, you look like you had a run!" and me too out of breath to answer.

On the plane I set next to a guy that drank 5 bottles of wine in those 12 hours and then falling asleep and having the worst alcohol breath ever. I was quite happy when he changed the plane after my stop in Bangkok and surprise, I had a free seat between me and the new guy in my row. Not being able to sleep (maybe because the guy next to me switched on the lights and left them on for about 3 hours) made me watch about 5 movies and 2 tv shows.

I was glad when I finally arrived in Sydney to some amazing weather! It was such a big difference (33degrees celsius) and heat was not the only thing that made me sweat (again). I had to declare some things I brought from Austria, which wasn't the problem. Well, the problem was that I had a 30kg suitcase and no one helped me to lift it onto the declare-table. Don't ask me why my suitcase was 30kg. I am only allowed 22kg and I tried - and succeeded. The stewardess didn't even weigh it, so that was perfect for me, no unpacking and removing stuff or paying for extra weight. After the guy in Sydney joked with me about having Wiener Schnitzel and Germknoedel in my suitcase (he told me how much he loves Austria and how shocking it is that I am ditching a snowboard season) I fiiinally met my boyfriend. And it felt good -
because now we don't need to do this anymore:

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happy end :)