Friday, 11 November 2011

Now I am baking my own bread instead of Cookies

Today I baked my own bread at my sister's place. It is really easy to make so I think from now on I will always bake my wheat and yeast free bread myself. I don't even know where I can get such bread in Sydney and it is probably super expensive, like everything in that city. This diet is not really making me happy, but at least the bread turned out to be really yummy! We also had a game night, again. My sister and I are kinda addicted to board games at the moment, we play for 2h every day. It reminds us of our childhood and it is funny to sit here and play the exact same games with my little niece on my lap now. She didn't have her best day, she cried a lot especially when I tried to carry her around. What a little moody princess she was! She is still adorable though, and I find it fascinating how she is changing every day. I think she grew in the last 7 days and right now she has so much fun trying to imitate tongue movements everyone shows her. So adorable!


Giusy Manzella said...

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Bambi said...

Thank for your nice comment :) !

Paula said...

Your bread looks so delicious! I also love baking my own bread and making my own waffles as a treat! I´m following you dear. Have a lovely weekend! xx

Summer-Raye said...

I love homemade bread.
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can't wait,

Vale said...

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Dree said...

Oh the bread looks wonderful! I'm so jealous of your skills!

Thank you for your lovely comment! I love your blog!