Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hello sun, where are you?

I can't even see the ocean due to all that rain and fog.

I just got back from freezing 0 degree weather and expected the sun here, but of course when I get back the sun is gone. It has been raining the last two days and I find it quite frustrating! When I was in Austria I read about the 38 degree weather back in Bondi and now that I am here it is 19 degrees. Please weather, give me a break!!! It hasn't been warm for more than 4 days in a row since June! I knew it's gonna be hot while I am gone and back to cold when I am here. Sydney is not impressing me, honestly. Please let it be warm again, not having any chocolate or food I like (due to my candida and wheat intolerance diet) is a pain already. I know this sounds quite pessimistic but I can't help it, I want it to be hot! It was so boring today on my day off, I can't wait til my boyfriend comes back from work. He'll be able to cheer me up!

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Skinny Moonstick said...

Thank you so much for visiting&leaving me a note&following, darling! Aaww, don't be sad- the sun will come! I saw your previous posts, very lovely photography! Hope the weather gets nicer over there!
Good luck!