Thursday, 10 November 2011

Time Out

With meeting people every day and chatting and hanging out with different friends every day I kind of felt overwhelmed and realised I didn't have time for myself. So I decided to go to Vienna just by myself. I just wanted to look at some shops, walk around and and don't care about anyone else. I really like shopping by myself and usually do that twice a week in Sydney. That doesn't mean that I buy things, it just helps me to relax and clears my head.

It was a really good afternoon with lots of walking. I realised that every third person on the underground was speaking a different language and I was shocked that I saw English slogans and phrases all over shopping windows. Why is it not in German? Shouldn't we be proud to have our own language? Why does it say "Fitting Room" in an Austrian store? What's wrong with the German word? It really annoys me that everything is turned into English because it seems to be "cool" or trendy. I think it's a shame.

Anyways after my shopping I got a Chai Latte at Starbucks, which was almost too spicy but still nice and warm. I was happy that I just had some time for myself without thinking of anyone else. After those 3 hours I went to my sisters's and we got dinner with some friends, a real Austrian dinner. Bread with meat and vegetables (Austrians really love meat. I took some pics at a food stall in Vienna). It was really good, even though it did not make me feel that good as I was diagnosed with Candida this week. I need to start my diet as soon as possible, I am kinda trying to avoid a new life without wheat, yeast and sugar. I just love chocolate so much, it's such a big part of my day and so is wheat. Today I want to bake my first wheat free bread. Let's hope it turns out alright.


Flo said...

Liebes Fräulein, dieser Bericht gefällt mir besonders gut. Ich denk mir auch immer wieder, dass wir eigentlich eine gute Sprache haben.
Es gibt in Wien sehr viele Möglichkeiten Weizen bzw Roggenfreie Dinge zu kaufen. Darfst du Dinkel essen? Is ne sehr gute Alternative

Confessions of a Psycho Cat said...

I'm in love with your glasses, perfect <3