Wednesday, 23 November 2011

There is nothing to do..

Since it has been pouring the last days I honestly couldn't do anything that I had planned. No beach walks, no driving around the area, nothing. I am stuck at home (or in the shopping center) when I am not at school. Today I weighed myself and was surprised I am 1kg down since I had to start my candida diet. Gotta go to the gym so I'll gain some muscle as my diet is still going for another 11 weeks, eeek. I am still craving sweets after every meal I am eating...
 The last days I have:
* watched MTV to an unbelievable extent, which means I know everything about the new "16 and Pregnant"episodes
* made an amaranth bread. It didn't turn out and I had to throw it, I also threw my money ($13 for 500g flour) down the drain, which is very frustrating
* made pizza with spelt dough
* had some delicious mango, bless my boyfriend who showed me how to cut and eat a mango (I can't believe how I was eating that fruit for the last years)
* made another bread that DID turn out quite good: the good old spelt flour it is from now on
* been on the Internet non stop and pretended to be online shopping (just without buying anything)
* been watching WWE (yes, this is how bored I have been) and find the women not half as good as the men fighting
* made some pumpkin soup for the boyfriend
* done nothing.

According to the weather forecast I have to wait another 4 days until I'll see some sunlight. 


Jaki said...

Mmm now I want mangoes. I get so excited to eat them this time of year!

clairemaxwell said...

If I'm honest, I really like doing nothing! And this post made me want do some nothing. You're looking gorgeous by the way lady! X

Confessions of a Psycho Cat said...

Hehe, at least you do something, I'm feeling really bored :))

Skinny Moonstick said...

Hey, you made some food- that's something! :) But, yes, it's actually lovely sometimes to do absolutely nothing! Gotta love it!
Good luck!

Diana said...

pumpkin soup...yuummm!!!
follow you back! thanks for the lovely words!


Sarah said...

I'm sorry the weather is so miserable where you are, it's the same where I am really. The 16 and pregnant series is awesome haha! I find mangos so hard to cut.


Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

I quite like to just do nothing sometimes... I'm usually SO busy and have to-do lists as long as my arm so when I can just do nothing it's bliss :)

Love, Vanilla