Sunday, 27 November 2011

Busy Saturday

Saturday was literally a day where we haven't been home for more than an hour. We thought we'd give the new IKEA a try. It is supposed to be the biggest on the southern hemisphere with a 2.5km walk from the entry to the exit. Let me tell you, it was manic. It really is the biggest Ikea I have ever been to. They have more show rooms to look at and also the biggest restaurant I have ever seen. Of course you had to line up for about 20 minutes to get your food, it was so cheap though, so we decided to join the people in the line. After being at Ikea for 4 hours we still left without the planned purchases. Ikea always makes us think about everything twice. It might seem it is cheap, but honestly there are stores with the same prices and better quality. I was quite disappointed when we left.

After that we started some health food shopping for me, and I found some really interesting things that I can eat even though I have to be on a diet. I never tried Buckwheat pasta or millet puffs before. Sadly though all those good products cost me a fortune. Benny and I weren't even home for an hour when we went out for dinner again to the Cock n'Bull Irish Pub for dinner. I have to say that I have never been a big fan of a beef steak but since I can't eat anything that contains wheat and have to eat meat with veggies every day, I really enjoy a nice flavored steak. The one we got there was quite amazing. It was so much (delicious) food for such a good price. That wasn't even the end of our night, we went to see The Inbetweeners and ended up at another pub where Ben had to drinks (and I had my water). It was honestly not bad, I am really getting used to my diet and I feel better too. It's all going to be worth it!


Skinny Moonstick said...

I feel the same way about IKEA- you just have to think twice before committing yourself to a buy. But, hey, what a great exercise was walking that whole thing!:)
Good luck!

brittany said...

i love your lip color! so pretty!!

Kirsten said...

Hello! I LOVE IKEA. Except usually I only go there to eat breakfast, and then it takes half an hour to get out because you have to navigate your way through the showrooms! They're so sneaky, those Swedes. :)