Monday, 15 August 2011

City 2 Surf Sunday

Every year there's the City 2 Surf marathon. It starts in the city and goes all the way over to the East to finish in Bondi Beach. 85,000 people took part this year which makes it the world's largest run. No, Ben and I didn't run, but we headed to the beach to watch some people finish their run. It was manic, I have never seen so many people in Bondi! You could see white tents all over the beach, where people could have lunch, drinks or even a massage. Most of the runners enjoyed a cool beer in the pubs. Next year I will definitely run, that's why I am already training, right?!

In the afternoon I convinced Ben to have a work out with me and in the evening we went to a Greek restaurant close to the beach. Bondi was Party-Town and so we decided to have a drink at a bar afterwards. We ended up at the Beach Rd Hotel where we met up with my friend Sydney. I was so surprised! That place was just like the Walkabout in Shepherds Bush, London! Maybe not as dirty, but the same vibe. We may have found a place that we will go to every Sunday afternoon!

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