Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday Love

Here's some things I am very happy with for this week!
I found this candle in the city while I was looking for some shoes. It is the best scented candle I have ever had. The scent is black cherry plum.

Right now I have got a lot of work to do for university. This sticky note To Do List is so useful. It helps me to stay organised especially in such a stressful time. I just stick it to my laptop or my desk and it reminds me what else I have to do this week.

The cutest shop ever just closed last week *whimper*. I used to go there once a week and look for new cute stuff or just talk to the shop owner. It was the girliest store I have ever seen, most of the items were vintage or just looked old. They had the nicest dinnerware, clothes and candles. Everything was half price so I went a little nuts in there. I bought this tray which I am using now for my perfumes and creams. I love the girly vintage look.

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