Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday Love

Here is another Wednesday Love!

I have to admit I have been shopping the last week but I got a lot of new favorites! The first one is my new OPI nail polish in "Big Hair...Big Nails". It is a really nice warm colour and just gets me into summer mood. I am very particular when it comes to nailpolish colour and it actually took me some time to find the perfect shade. Anyways, I am quite happy with it!

The next one is my new watch - I finally got the size adjusted to my wrist. My wrist is too small for any watch, which is quite annoying! The watch is really big, but I was looking for an oversized one. Michael Kors has really nice watches this season, you should check it out!

The last thing are chocolate covered Pretzels by Aldi. O.M.G. I am obsessed with them at the moment, but Ben won't buy me more than one pack per week. I love chocolate on everything, and having it on pretzels is just the most delicious taste ever. For me it's not a snack, I could finish a whole pack in probably under 15 minutes if Ben wouldn't take it off me. The only bad side about it is that I have only found them at Aldi so far and there are only a few Aldi's in the whole of Sydney :/ 

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