Thursday, 11 August 2011

Summer, take your time - I am not ready yet!

Summer is coming up and since I am living in Bondi there's a tiny bit pressure on me to get a beach body! Maybe the people living in Bondi inspired me to start my Fit for Summer Work out. Bondi people love working out, and I really mean LOVE! They are working out 24-7, at any time of the day, any day! However, I need to get fit so I can lie on the beach without feeling self conscious. This is the third day of my workout and my butt is killing me plus I am craving chocolate and most of all - a burger! I do have to say though that I feel better overall after working out. I fall asleep easier and I just feel healthier. I hope I can stick to the program for at least 2 months, that would be my goal! Fingers crossed! I'll keep you updated on my work out progress!

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