Sunday, 7 August 2011

Food, Jeans and Fashion Markets

Ben and I went to Bondi Markets this weekend. The food market was pretty fun, as they give you free samples at almost every stall. We decided to go there next weekend again with an empty stomach so we can try even more food. The atmosphere was great: lots of people, sunny weather, musicians and freebies.

After that I went to shop for jeans, poor Ben, I couldn't decide which pair to take and I think I was trying them on for ages. I ended up buying both pairs. Oh well, sometimes you just have to have things. I got a good tip from the store assistant, he told me to put the jeans into the freezer to avoid washing them. I haven't heard about that before! I got J Brand jeans since it is a really good brand for skinny jeans. J Brand offers lots of different cuts and styles so they have jeans for every body shape. They also have all the bright colors right now, which I love. I chose red pair since I have a lot of tops that will work with them.

This morning I surprised Ben with Popovers and strawberry butter for breakfast. I got up early and baked them. Such a good start into the day! Afterwards we went to the fashion market. There's so many people out and about, I am glad we decided to live in Bondi. We saw a woman with her cat on a leash. That was quite weird. I took a picture of it, have a look and see how happy the cat was!

I also went out with my friends Sydney and Sara. It was a really fun night at a Penthouse Party in Bondi Beach. I am quite excited for a lot more fun nights with the girls!

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