Friday, 19 August 2011

An Update...

My work outs are going well, my "no chocolates diet" not so well. I just can't live without chocolate - I enjoy it too much! However, this week I joined a gym that is opening in two weeks. The membership was half price - such a good deal! I am quite excited for the opening! I'll be there every morning before uni! (maybe not...)
I am also waiting for my new Michael Kors watch and my mum's parcel. Why does it take so long until packages arrive?! Australia is so far away from everything! I also got a few fashion pieces for spring, I can't wait to wear them! It won't be this weekend as I am stuck at home with huge assignments to write. It's quite depressing to realise that you don't have a day off to relax - not even on the weekend. My sister is sending me pictures of my little niece to cheer me up and keep me going. She's so kind. I haven't met my little niece as she was born when I was already here in Australia! I am going to be her godmother and I am so terribly excited to meet her in November! Should I have time on Saturday I'll check out a fashion market in Paddington - I found this ad in a magazine and it looks quite inviting!

Hence, have a good weekend and enjoy some time with your beloved ones!

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