Thursday, 5 July 2012

3 weeks (2)

Here is a little list of things I did in Austria - I think the best point is the weather (I can't believe it was only 8 degrees this morning here in Australia!)

* BBQ's in the evenings in the garden and chatting til 1AM
* Party with my best ones
* Watching TV with my besties and talking until we realise it is 1AM and all of them have to work that day
* Spontanious meet ups and mocktails in the afternoon
* Going shopping with my mum (including grocery shopping - I love to buy food I can't get in Australia)
* 33 degrees celsius
* Vienna - during the day and during the night
* supernatural experiences in Vienna
* Valentina - (almost) every single day
* traditional confirmation of my littlest cousin
* being out til 5 in the morning and forgetting that I have to be up at 9am
* realising my little cousins were out longer than me (but don't look even close as tired as I do!!!)
* meeting up with my family and cousins, talking for over 3 hours at the restaurant until the waiter gives us "the" look
* watching the progress of my little niece learning to walk all by herself and realising that she is able to do that now all by herself in just 3 weeks
* going for walks with my mum at 10 at night
* cuddling my 13 year old dog fearing it is the last time I see him
* going on a night field day and walking 12km in the dark being guided by my friend's cutest sausage dog
* 34.5 degrees celsius (!)
* being able to buy half a litre of the most delicious raspberry punch for 5 euro
* watching the EM with the boys and learning about soccer ("what I should have known already!"
* having the comfort of just calling my friends and them being there for me anytime
* having a late flight home so  I can spend my last day with my family
* getting upgraded on my last flight and enjoying all of it
* secretly crying and pretending to sneeze while watching "Warhorse" on the plane

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