Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lunch time Workout

Yesterday was such a nice winter's day that I decided to go for a run to the third furthest beach. I was surprised that I could handle the distance without having to stop a million times. I had some water at the beach and watched people for a little while (some were swimming in the ocean, just watching them gave me goosebumps!) before I ran back to Bondi. I hope the weather will be nice again soon, when it is cloudy and rainy I just can't get myself to work out! Apparently it is the coldest time of the year right now, so from now on it can only get better! This cold is giving me a hard time, especially after coming back from boiling hot Austria a few weeks ago! I shouldn't be complaining about 16°C in winter though, especially when there's days like yesterday.

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Wow,sounds like the perfect weather and the perfect place to go for a little run. I always get soooo lazy when the weather is cold, I just wanna hit the couch and grab some hot choco. And when it is too hot, same thing, I feel like sitting out in the front yard and have a bowl or two of ice cream. Hehehehe.