Thursday, 12 July 2012

Graduation is coming up

Today I got my uni results and my graduation date. Thank god it is in the time frame my parents are here! I was so nervous about that. I don't understand how universities only release their graduation dates a month before. How are international students supposed to arrange travel and accommodation? Well I couldn't wait any longer because I didn't want my parents to pay a fortune on their flights to Australia (considering it's already so expensive to get here). I was lucky! Someone must have heard my prayers to put my graduation date in between a two week timeframe! So now I can't wait until my parents are here, I can start counting the weeks now - 4 in total, and start organising everything for them. It's weird to think of tourist attractions in Sydney now that I am so used to just living here! Good thing is, after one year I know about amazing places to take my parents to and I can't wait to simply show them what my life down under is like!

These pictures were taken during my lunchtime run, isn't it amazing where I live?

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