Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hungarian Dinner = NOT Austrian Dinner...but close!

This weekend it was time for us to find out if the Hungarian Restaurant Cosmo up the street is worth going to. It's a cute little restaurant and the menu looked quite inviting, just so different from all the other restaurants in this area!
First thing the waiter asks Ben: "Do you want to get some Langos as a starter?" and Ben just gives me this really puzzled look. So how do you explain Langos in a really nice way? "It is deep fried doughy stuff coated in garlic?" After that explanation Benny didn't seem too convinced but I ordered anyways. So Ben had his first Langos ever!!! And he enjoyed. As a main we both had very hearty food: pork and veal with different sauces. It was good and very similar to Austrian food, and very different to traditional Australian food. I was so full after not even half of my plate! The portions were massive, but it was delicious! We both enjoyed and will come back again!
Now you're thinking what do these flowers have to do with the dinner?! Ben surprised me with that bunch on Friday. Gerber Daisies are my favourite flowers.

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Christi Lynn said...

mmmm that stuff looks good!! and the surprise it :) boys can be amazing sometimes