Wednesday, 19 October 2011

This is where we live!

Ben and I live in a really small apartment block with only 9 apartments. So you’d think you get to know the other tenants quite fast but no, I have to say I only know 4 neighbours! But sometimes you can hear them and it’s kinda like you get to know them too.

There is this couple with a little dog in number 2. They look quite uncomfortable when I meet them in the hallway, because there are no dogs allowed in this house. I asked the guy once if they keep the dog here and the first thing he answered was: “yeah but you know she is really quiet and never barks!” So I had to tell him that I actually wasn’t complaining but just curious!

Then there is number 7 with two Americans living there. The guys are really, really nice and strong too (they helped us carry up our furniture). In number 4 there’s a woman, she’s quite introverted for her age (I reckon she is about 35) and if I wouldn’t say hi to her first then she wouldn’t say anything at all. I wonder if she is living by herself! I once heard her arguing with a salesman on the door and I ran to the door to watch that entertaining scene from the peephole . You have to understand that I was really bored that day.

Two girls are living in number 5. They love to party, and I really mean love! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they put on newest club music and have people over. Once they decided to have a party at 5AM, waking us up with the sounds of clinking glasses and the beat of Pitbull vs. Whoever. Sometimes they just listen to the same song for hours, like 2 weeks ago on Sunday we heard Gotye’s Somebody I Used To Know from 10 AM until 3PM non stop– no joke! I wonder what kind of speakers they have because they make our fridge shudder. Benny can get quite angry when they turn up their techno/club- music and he tries to annoy them with some songs by Bring Me The Horizon. It doesn’t help. The next day we wake up to Gotye again.

A really nice guy lives in number 3, but I have only seen him twice, but he always greets us. Finally, there’s the Vespa. Yeah, I know that’s not a person, but I have never seen him or her in person. I just know the Vespa because it is always parked in our parking spot!! Benny doesn’t mind he says as long as our car fits in there too it doesn’t bother him. It really annoys me though because we pay for it and I was thinking of putting a sticky note on his bike saying that he could pay us at least with 2 muffins every week. I haven’t done that so far, I feel very tempted though!

PS: Yeah, that's the ocean in the background!


Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment!
Wow this is beautfiful,can believe you love here,such a stunning view and the weather looks gorgeous!

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

where you live sounds like a constant party. that photo is gorgeous by the way. what an amazing view, and so lucky to live by the ocean in constant sunshine!
xo TJ

Kate said...

wow love ur blog! how exciting!

Sabrina said...

really nice post! :) i'm following you! :)

erica marie said...

You are so luck you live so close to the ocean...I've always lived out in the country so I've never had to experience next door neighbors so close you almost know them just by hearing what goes on in their apartment. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is cute, followin :) Hope you can stop by again soon.

xo erica

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