Thursday, 13 October 2011


I am looking at all the fashion pieces for autumn and I kinda wish I could wear it here too, but I reckon summer here will be just as good! Let's hope it's getting warmer soon in Sydney, because right now it's not really what you would expect for mid-October! Anyways, here I have an outfit for the red skirt, I hope you like it!

                                                   1. Juicy Couture Bow Blouse
                                                   2. AWear Suedette Blazer
                                                   3. Topshop Burgundy Padded Seventies Snake Print Belt
                                                   4. ASOS Mini Skirt in Cord
                                                   5. Forever 21 Cozy Ribbed Tights
                                                   6. Topshop Planet Flared Heel Platform Moccasins


katethroughthelookingglass said...

i'd prefer the bow blouse. sooo nice! thanks for comment & have a nice day. greets :]

Joyce said...

ahhh I love this outfit! the blouse and the blazer and the skirt looks so nice together :)