Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mala Beads and Chit Chats about old times

It took 4 years to meet my former housemate Diana. I was so happy to see her again, I can't even explain! To me she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met! She is such a sunshine, makes me smile and happy. She is pure inspiration to me. I was totally amazed that she surprised me with one of her Mala Beads. I love it, I wanted to buy one of them for so long.

Diana created Tiny Devotions, a company that creates mala beads. I am so proud of her, even Megan Fox is wearing them now! Diana gave me the Black Onyx Mala with stands for Strength. It is supposed to provide me self confidence and the assistance in mastering my destiny. I love it already, as it is fashionable too. Go to her website to find out more about her Beads, they are amazing and there is one for everyone. I just want to have them all!!

It was time to catch up on our life stories, (we chatted for 4h) so much has changed, but it is funny to meet again in the country where we lived together before, even though she is Canadian and I am Austrian. You know when you meet someone after 4 years and the person is still the same, it feels like I saw her last week. I wish she moved to Australia, because she is a person I would love to have close to me.

She is beautiful!

The Black Onyx Mala, I love it!

 Me wearing the Mala Beads!

A Polaroid of us!

I'll miss you Dianka,  I hope I'll see you soon again!

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thank you for your passage on my blog:)

I am so I'll not miss your news.