Thursday, 13 October 2011

Our Event on Sunday, now the stress is over!

On Sunday we finally had the charity event that we had been organising since July. I wrote about the event here! It was a kids' play in Balmain with workshops afterwards. Our group worked together very well, I was impressed that we were on time with the program and everything worked out. It is good to be over though! Here are some images!

The Play was amazing!

Here is one of the workshop tables, this one was mine - painting fish!

Here you can see the kids while they make origami figures and Oksana making them fairy wings out of balloons. (The kids went nuts with their wings, running around like crazy)

They also got some face paint and that's me, on the right, painting with the cutest girl ever!

This is our group that made it all happen! I am proud of everyone!

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