Sunday, 2 October 2011

So far, so good!

So what have you done this weekend?

Ours started off with fabulous food in Bondi (a burger again) and a movie night at home on Friday. I found packs of Austrian Pudding in a store, I was so excited! The description was German too (kind of weird but made me feel like home). We decided to have some of it at 11pm, I know that's really bad...but it was delicious! Can you resist strawberry pudding with melting chocolate pieces in it?

Yesterday I met up with my former flatmate Tahlia from Bond Uni. It felt so good to see a familiar face, I wish she was living up here instead of Melbourne so we could hang out more often! It's been 4 years since I have seen her! Sydney weather wasn't too nice, it started pouring while we were walking to the club and we were soaking wet when we got there. Isn't it a girl's nightmare getting to a club with your make up streaming down your face and your hair looking like you just got out of the shower? Well at least all the other girls had the same took a while til our hair was dry again but it ended up to be a fun night at the Ivy! I hope you had a good weekend too!

PS: At this very moment Ben is preparing dinner. Guess what he's making....yeah....burgers. I think we are officially obsessed.


Shopping Honey said...

Danke dir:) Dann haste bestimmt die Weisheitszähne mal rausbekommen, da hätte ich mir das auch aussuchen können, aber hatte mich damals auch für die Vollnakose entschieden:)
Toller Blog:))))

Isabela said...

hey, doll, thanks for commenting! i'm following you here now too yay :)