Wednesday, 18 January 2012

5 days

Fun things in the last 5 days:
* buying the "Labyrinth" board game so we can play instead of watching the same tv shows every evening
* trying to distract Ben during the game while telling him the worst jokes and pulling funny faces
* being successful with my distracting
* watching Ben do some house work, I find that quite sexy
* watching tv and finding out that Foxtel has the option to view tv shows I missed all over the week
* baking cakes that don't look pretty at all but taste delicious
* meeting David Hasselhoff right down the road on Bondi Beach
* having the opportunity to attend an Australian Hens Party
* finally picking up our new dining chairs
* deciding that a picnic on the living room floor is soo much cooler than eating at the table
* chatting away with all my friends from home because I can be up til 2AM and sleep in

Lame things in the last 5 days:
* buying sardines from the fish shop and finding out at home that the guy didn't gut the fish properly nor scaled it
* remembering that I ran out of a bus ticket and fare dodging, being so scared that someone will check tickets that I feel sick
* trying to buy some really healthy food and realising that I just spent $114 on groceries
* driving the car in the worst rain ever, on the highway and on the other side of the road


Monica's Notebook said...

Living room picnics are always fun! :]

<3 Monica

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

awesome post! sounds like you had interesting 5 days :)

Happy Friday!


Fashion Fractions