Sunday, 8 January 2012

Australia has weird names for its towns

So the christmas holidays are officially ending today and I wish I could turn back time to do so many more trips with Ben. We just came back from our weekend trip to Ulladulla and Wollongong today. The road trip showed me some new beautiful sights of New South Wales. It reminded me of Austria. Since it's been the worst summer for years with lots of rain, everything is really green. So I guess the rain is at least good for one thing, if not for us. Ben and I took our time driving down to Ulladulla. We stopped in little beach towns and at beaches for lunch and or quick walks. At 6 we finally arrived at our friend's house. We hadn't seen Michael since April so it was a quite exciting reunion! We had a lovely dinner (I had my first oyster in 6 years) and then we went for a few drinks into the local pub.

Being in a country town in Australia is so different than Sydney! Hearing that the neighbors had a massive python in their garden or that you can see the most poisonous snakes during the day was quite scary. I am glad I don't have to think about all that in the city, but I have to admit when I was sitting in the quiet garden I realised how nice it is not to hear cars and ambulances constantly. But not only the traffic and natural surroundings were new to me, also the people, their fashion and their behavior. People seemed younger when we went out and they dressed a lot differently compared to Sydney people. Most of the girls' outfits were very revealing and I couldn't see myself wearing that. As I was tired from being in the car for 8 hours and due to limited luggage I couldn't be bothered to dress up. I have to say though that I certainly felt underdressed with my jeans and flats. Interesting was as well that country people don't like city people BUT city people don't mind country people. It somehow reminded me of Austria.


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you take the most amazing photos

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Pretty pictures!

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Amazing pictures ! I want summer and beach !! *.*
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