Monday, 23 January 2012

Seems like I'm getting old!

I realised after christmas that all the sugar replacements left some bits on my hips and tummy. Umm hello I thought there is NO sugar in it?! Well apart from the fact that it gave me cramps that stupid sugar replacements also made me gain weight. So that's why they landed in my bin! What's frustrating about this is that I can't get rid of those 2 extra kg's on my thighs these days. That just means one thing: I am getting old! The days where I would just eat right for a few days and lose 2kg's are over. I never really had a problem with my weight just needed sometimes to get more toned. I was hoping that I would be an exception with that "when you get older you have to work harder for a great body" thing. This is week 3 of good food and working out and I am feeling really well and I will take measurements in a few days! It was one of my new years' resolutions to become fit and I think I am on my right track. Staying on that daily routine will be hard though. Did you guys ever stay on a diet (successfully)?

Saturday me and Ben went for some drinks in Bondi. Even though it was only the two of us we still had lots of fun. The day before my mum called me that one of my friends died back in my home country and all I could think about was him. I didn't have enough sleep, I was grumpy all day and I just felt exhausted. I saw that Ben was really tired too but he knew I needed some change of location so he took me out to the bar. It was a good decision, I was laughing and forgot all the worries at least for that night. Losing someone so young makes me realise that I have to appreciate every single day, your life can change so fast! My thoughts are with his family in Austria.


Anonymous said...

lovely photos, and your not old at all !

Mia said...

"Seems like I'm getting old?" You're not the only one ;)