Monday, 23 January 2012

Chinese New Year

On Friday we thought we'd go to Chinatown and see some celebrations for the Chinese New Year. I just a glimpse of a street parade at about 6pm but that was it. I was pretty disappointed, I thought there'd be much more celebrations. Ben and I had some drinks at a pub before we met up with our friends. I haven't had any chinese food since I came to Australia, I know that's crazy, right?! We went to a massive restaurant and it was a bit creeped out by the big aquariums they had. There was a whole "Live Menu" that let you choose a any fish or crab in the water and they would cook it for you! Of course I didn't order any of those. The food was really nice with chit chats about old times. A good evening to end the week!


Anonymous said...

nice photos

Courtney said...

very cool! i need to head down to San Francisco's Chinatown and check out the action.