Monday, 30 January 2012

Now it's time to write more posts

I know I have been bad at new posts the last two weeks, I am on holidays and I could not be bothered writing even though I did not have anything better to do. But here is a new post: Last week was Australia Day and even though I would have liked to spend the day at home I still was glad I went to this:
Big Day Out

I was so curious about Australian festivals I bought the tickets the first day they were on sale. It was so different to Austrian festivals! Well to start of with, the whole day before it was pouring. Not just raining, pouring. Pouring like when you step into a paddle (which ALWAYS seems to happen to me) it's not just wetting your shoe, now your whole foot up to the ankle is soaking wet. So I bought a rain jacket to be ready for a rainy festival. The next day it only rained in the morning and Ben convinced me to only bring one of those $2 rain ponchos. I was still wearing my long leggings, in case it might rain later. Well, I looked soooo unfashionable as I realised later on the train. Nobody was wearing long pants! In fact EVERY girl was wearing denim shorts. God, I think I already saw about 500 arse cheeks before I was even at the festival! Well I think Ben would have enjoyed if not most of the girls were about 16. The festival was good, not all my type of music but I had a lot of fun. Australia is quite weird when it comes to drinking alcohol, the only drinks you could purchase were premixed cans that were 3% alcohol and tasted like I would swallow a shot of sugar water. My favorite act was definitely Girl Talk and I think it might have been Nero if I had had enough energy to watch them. After 12 hours of walking and dancing I was done. I could hardly move and just wanted to go home. So at about 1AM I fell into bed for about 5 hours until I had to get up for work. You can imagine what I looked like after that little sleep.

There was one thing that I learned from that festival which I will keep in mind for any upcoming festivals here in Australia:
It doesn't matter what size you are, squeeze yourself into a pair of denim shorts (preferably from when you were 13) and expose your amazing bum cheeks.


Anonymous said...

looks like loads of fun

Christi Lynn said...

looks like so much fun! that last picture of you is so great!

just tututiny said...

how fun. the photo says it all =)

have a great weekend my dear!